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  • Are summer camps good for kids? Summer Camps: Fun Adventures for Kids!

    Summer Camps: Fun Adventures for Kids! Summer camps offer many benefits for your children. Here are 9 ways summer camp is a great place for your child: Making Friends: At summer camp, your child will meet new friends in a safe place. They learn how to get along with others and build social skills. It’s like growing a friendship garden! Feeling Brave: Camp helps kids be brave. Away from home and school, your child will try new things and become more independent. Imagine climbing a tree or paddling a canoe—they’re like little superheroes! Unforgettable Moments: Camp memories stick with you forever. Whether it’s laughing around the campfire, facing fears, or trying cool activities, these moments will help shape your child's positive development. Nature Explorers: Overnight summer camp happens outdoors! Your child will hike through forests, play outside, and gaze at stars. It’s like having a wild adventure with Mother Nature. Kindness Zone: Pearce Williams Summer Camp is a place where everyone belongs. Your child will learn to accept others, appreciate differences, and be kind. It’s like a big friendship circle! Break from Routine: Sleepaway camp breaks the boredom cycle. It’s a refreshing change from everyday routines. Your children can recharge their energy and return to school with a smile. Awesome Role Models: Camp counsellors are like friendly guides. They cheer kids on, teach cool stuff, and inspire bravery. They’re like real-life superheroes! No Screens Allowed!: At camp, say goodbye to screens. Instead, your child will dive into outdoor adventures, play games, and chat face-to-face. It’s like a tech vacation! Skills for Life: Camp isn’t just about fun. It’s where you learn teamwork, solve puzzles, and talk with friends. These skills stick with you—even after the campfire fades. Imagine a place where learning meets laughter. That’s Pearce Williams Summer Camp! Summer Camp helps shape campers into curious, brave people who carry memories like treasures. Remember, summer camps are special places where friendships bloom, courage grows, and fun never ends! So pack your bags, send your young explorer because the adventure awaits! Joe Richards, Executive Director

  • How long is summer camp in Canada?

    In Canada, the duration of summer camps can vary based on the specific camp program and the age group of the participants. Many overnight summer camp's have been moving to shorter sessions to allow your children the opportunity to experience different settings during the summer and to help meet the needs of the modern parent. Here are some common scenarios: Overnight Summer Camps: Most traditional overnight or sleepaway camps offer 1 week or 2 week sessions for your child. The summer camp season in Canada typically is 8 to 10 weeks during July and August. During this time, camps will offere a variety of 5 day, 2 week or longer sessions where campers stay at the campsite, participate in various activities, build friendships, and enjoy the great outdoors. These camps offer a comprehensive experience, including outdoor adventures, arts and crafts, sports, and team-building activities. Campers often develop lifelong memories and skills during their extended stay. Specialty Camps: Some camps focus on specific interests or skills, such as sports, arts, or academics. These specialty camps may have shorter sessions. Pearce Williams Summer Camp in Southwestern Ontario offers programs for children ages 5 to 14. Our sessions are 5 days long, from Sunday to Friday. Pearce Williams also offers a shorter 3 day camp for First Time Campers that runs from a Tuesday to a Friday once a summer. Flexible Options: Some camps allow families to choose the duration that best suits their needs. Whether it’s a full summer or a shorter session, flexibility ensures that campers can participate without disrupting other commitments. Remember that the length of summer camp depends on the camp type, location, and individual preferences. Parents should explore various options and select a camp that aligns with their child’s interests and schedule. Trust is the most important feature of a camp to many families. It is important to understand the values of the overnight summer camp and where they fit in being partners in the parenting of your children. Dreaming of camp,

  • What is the best age to go to sleepaway summer camp?

    The best age to go to sleepaway or overnight summer camp is a mixed question, with many possible answers. Summer camp fosters personal growth, builds lasting friendships, and creates lifelong memories. Being away from our families in a safe setting leads to quicker growth and development of life's necessary skills. The ideal age for attending summer camp varies based on individual needs and preferences. Here are some considerations: Early Childhood (Ages 5-9): Pros: Young campers benefit from exposure to nature, outdoor activities, and structured play. They develop social skills, independence, and resilience. Cons: Missing home may be more common at this age. Camps with shorter durations are recommended. Pearce Williams offers a 3 day session for ages 5-9, or 5 day sessions for ages 7-9. Pre-Teens (Ages 10-12): Pros: Pre-teens thrive in a camp environment. They engage in team sports, arts, and adventure activities. Friendships deepen, and self-confidence grows - helping to build the resiliency that will help them through the challenges of life away from camp. Cons: Longer camps may lead to occasional missing home. Pearce Williams offers 5 day sessions for ages 10-12. Teenagers (Ages 13-15): Pros: Teens benefit from specialized camps (e.g., leadership, arts, or sports). They explore passions, build skills, and form lifelong bonds. They begin to see what passions they are interested in and how they best interact with others. Cons: Peer dynamics and peer expectations play a significant role. Pearce Williams offers 5 day sessions for ages 13-15 with specialized Leader-in-Training session, a Youth Camp week just for older kids, and a 3 week Counsellor-In-Training program for 15 year old's. Young Adults (Ages 16+): Pros: Young adults can work as camp staff. They gain leadership experience and contribute to the camp community. Cons: Limited availability of age-appropriate programs. Pearce Williams hires summer staff who are 16+ to be part of our summer camp team. Roles include camp counsellor, camp leader, kitchen assistants, programmers, lifeguards and more. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of when is the best time to send your child to overnight or sleepaway camp. As a parent you should consider your child’s maturity, interests, and desired camp experience. Whether it’s roasting marshmallows by the fire, learning to shoot archery, or sleeping outside under the stars for the first time - summer camp memories will last a lifetime! Dreaming of Camp,

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