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Help us get a new fridge, donate today!

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Here’s what’s happened -  Monday morning we arrived to see our 38 year old commercial fridge no longer working.  The temperature gauge was reading 30 degrees Celsius!


It’s urgent that you help right away.  Pearce Williams strives to help children and families be able to afford the summer camp experience by hosting various rental groups during the rest of the year.  The income from these groups keeps the cost of camp within reach to the families in your community. This fridge is needed so that rental groups continue to use Pearce Williams for their events and help fund summer camp for your local community.

Your gift will provide fresh food to campers so that they can have fun at camp.  Your gift will give numerous rental groups a space to come and be in community, while helping to keep the cost of camp lower for camper families. Your gift will also support all the work of Pearce Williams.

Children need to have a space to run, play & discover.
Children need to get outside. 

Children need Summer Camp.

Emma wakes up to a cold apartment, an empty fridge and not knowing when she will eat, the cost of food is out of reach for her family.  Emma cuddles with her stuffed elephant trying to remember a better time. Emma’s mommy is trying to give her a happy childhood, but her part-time job does not allow for sports or extra activities, or even the basics. 


Emma’s family is struggling - our community is struggling.

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You can give Emma a home away from poverty. You can give Emma the Pearce Williams Summer Camp experience.  Many children like Emma will not have the opportunity to attend summer camp this coming summer without your help.


Please give to our camper scholarship fund so that we can send 40 kids in need to Pearce Williams this summer. 


$600 provides a week at sleep-over camp for a child in need. Can you give the $1.64 per day to help a child get to camp for a week? Can you give $120 to provide a day at camp for a needy child? Can you give $25 to help feed a child for a day at camp?

You can help Emma become more independent. You can help Emma learn to problem solve. You can help Emma, and children like her, make life-long friends, make happy memories and find a home away from home. You can give a child the summer camp experience.


Your gift will not only help with camper scholarships, but it will also help in many other ways.  You’ll help kids have amazing staff, program supplies and a safe space to create life-long happy memories.


You are a difference maker in the lives of the children who come to camp.  Our goal is to have as many children as possible be able to come to camp. You can help that happen.

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Joe Richards, Executive Director & Guitar Player

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