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Why should parents send their kids to camp?

Sending kids to summer camp, such as Pearce Williams Summer Camp and Retreat Centre, offers a multitude of benefits that contribute to their growth, happiness, and development. Here are several compelling reasons why parents should consider this enriching experience for their children:

  1. Builds Independence: Camp is a wonderful opportunity for kids to become more independent. Away from home, they make decisions for themselves, manage their daily needs, and navigate new situations, which boosts their confidence and self-reliance.

  2. Enhances Social Skills: Summer camp is a melting pot of diversity, where kids meet others from various backgrounds. They learn to communicate, collaborate, and live together in close quarters, fostering empathy, understanding, and lifelong friendships.

  3. Connects with Nature: In today’s digital age, camp provides a precious chance to unplug and immerse in nature. Activities like hiking, swimming, and camping under the stars help children develop a love and respect for the environment.

  4. Promotes Physical Activity: Camps offer an array of physical activities that encourage children to move, play, and explore. This active lifestyle is essential for healthy growth and development, combating the sedentary habits often formed during the school year.

  5. Develops New Skills: Whether it’s archery, canoeing, or arts and crafts, camp introduces children to new hobbies and skills. This exploration sparks creativity, builds talents, and can uncover passions they carry into adulthood.

  6. Fosters Resilience: Facing challenges, trying new things, and sometimes failing, camp teaches kids resilience. They learn to persevere, overcome obstacles

Going to overnight summer camp changed my life - gave me direction and the desire to give back to children and youth the experience that I had. It was more about the powerful role models than the activities - "adults" who were probably 18 - who helped when I was made fun of for being fat, or eating more than the other kids.

Camp can and does change lives for the better. Camp gives children a safe space to discover themselves away from their family.

I love camp - I'm sure your child will to.

Dreaming of camp,

Joe Richards, Executive Director & Guitar Guy



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