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Tree Planting Program

Pearce Williams has a recognition and memorial tree program.  If you want to have a Carolinian tree planted in memory of or in recognition of someone this program allows that to happen on-site at Pearce Williams.

There are two options:

1. For a $1500 donation: We will work with you to choose a tree, source the new tree, and then plant that tree in the Pearce Williams Memorial Forest or other approved location on site at Pearce Williams.  You would get a tax receipt for $1000 (tree, plaque, and planting valued at $500).

2. For a $1000 donation: Pearce Williams will work with you to select an existing tree that you can "claim" and we will install a plaque on said tree for your memorial or recognition person.  You would get a tax receipt for $900 (plaque and mounting valued at $100)

The tree species that are distinctly Carolinian (that only grow in the Carolinian Zone) include American Chestnut, American Sycamore, Ash Blue, Ash Pumpkin, Black Gum, Cherry Birch, Cucumber Magnolia, Flowering Dogwood, Hoptree, Honey Locust, Hickory Big Shellbark, Hickory Pignut, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Oak Chinquapin, Oak Hills, Oak Pin, Oak Shumard, Oak Swamp White, Ohio Buckeye, Pawpaw, Redbud, Red Mulberry, Sassafras and Tulip Tree.

Trees are a natural item that have a defined lifespan and suffer from other challenges.  Pearce Williams will do our best to ensure that the dedication and memorial trees are kept alive for the long term.

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