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5 Reasons Teens Should Work at Overnight Summer Camps

Are you a teenager wondering how to make the most of your summer? (Or a parent looking for a summer job for your child?)

Working at an overnight summer camp could be just the thing for you! If you are from London, Ontario or Elgin County or St. Thomas, Ontario - consider applying today to work at Pearce Williams Summer Camp.

Here are five fantastic reasons why working at an overnight summer camp is a must:

  1. Make Lifelong Friends: Camp is a place where friendships bloom like wildflowers! By working at a summer camp, you get to meet people from all over, forming bonds that can last a lifetime. From campfire stories to teamwork challenges, you'll create memories and friendships that will stick with you forever.

  2. Learn Valuable Skills: Camp isn't just about fun and games (although there's plenty of that too!). It's also an amazing place to learn important skills like leadership, communication, and problem-solving. Whether you're leading a hike, teaching a craft, or organizing a game, you'll develop skills that will help you succeed in school, work, and life.

  3. Unplug and Connect with Nature: In today's digital world, it's easy to get glued to screens all day long. But at summer camp, you'll have the chance to unplug and reconnect with the great outdoors. From hiking through the forest to our canoe day trip, you'll get to experience the beauty of nature up close and personal.

  4. Build Confidence: Working at a summer camp can be a real confidence booster! As you take on new challenges and responsibilities, you'll discover just how capable you are. Whether it's leading a group of campers on a nature walk or performing in a talent show, you'll gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

  5. Have Tons of Fun: Last but certainly not least, working at a summer camp is just plain fun! From epic water balloon fights to hilarious skits and songs, there's never a dull moment at camp. You'll laugh, you'll play, and you'll make memories that you'll cherish for years to come.

So why wait? Take the plunge and apply to work at an overnight summer camp today! It's an experience you'll never forget. Pearce Williams has been around since 1960 and 1000's of young people have gotten a great start working as a summer camp staff here.

If you have any questions - please email me directly - and I will get back to you or direct you to the best person to answer the question.

Dreaming of camp,

Joe Richards, Executive Director & Guitar Guy



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