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Frequently Asked Questions

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Parents, we know sending your kids to camp is a big decision. Rest easy knowing we've got your back! Explore our FAQ page to feel confident and reassured about choosing the perfect summer experience for your camper(s).

  • Is it safe to send my child to a sleepaway camp?
    At Pearce Williams Summer Camp, safety is our utmost priority. We understand the importance of entrusting your child to our care, and we take every measure to ensure their well-being throughout their time with us. Here are reasons why sending your child to Pearce Williams Summer Camp is a safe and enriching experience: Trained Staff: Our staff undergo a total of 80 hours of training on supervising and caring for campers, executing emergency procedures, and ensuring your campers have the best summer camp experience. All staff are certified in first aid. Health and Safety Protocols: We have health and safety protocols in place, including hygiene practices, and maintenance of clean facilities. We closely follow guidelines from health authorities to mitigate the risk of illness and injury. Supervision: Campers are supervised at all times by our attentive staff members. From organized activities to free time, there is always someone present to ensure the well-being of each child. Emergency Procedures: We have procedures in place for various scenarios, including medical emergencies, severe weather, and evacuations. Our staff are trained to respond efficiently and direct your campers to safety in any situation. Inclusive Environment: We promote a culture of inclusivity and respect, where every camper feels valued and supported. Bullying and harassment are not tolerated, and we work to foster a sense of belonging among all campers. Adventure with Caution: While we encourage adventurous activities, we prioritize safety above all else. Our skilled staff ensure that campers receive proper instruction and supervision during activities such as swimming, hiking, and outdoor adventures. Pearce Williams is accredited by both the Ontario Camps Association and the United Church of Canada.
  • Are Pearce Williams staff well-trained and trustworthy?
    All staff at Pearce Williams go through 80+ hours of training which includes all things caring for and supervising children, executing emergency procedures, and ensuring campers have the most amazing summer camp experience. All staff are trained in first aid, and we have a trained Camp Medic on site 24/7. We do thorough background checks on all staff to ensure they are reliable and good role models for campers. Our team is dedicated to creating a friendly and secure environment, so you can feel confident that your child is in good hands while they enjoy all the fun and learning our camp offers.
  • What should my child pack for camp?
    Our printable packing list, linked below, includes a guide to packing for a week at camp. Every child is different so adjust the packing list to fit your camper's needs.
  • What if my camper has dietary restrictions?
    Our kitchen staff strives to prepare a menu that includes gluten-friendly, dairy-friendly, and vegetarian options. If your camper needs additional substitutes, you are required to provide us with those replacement items. Your camper's week menu is available by request at Our facility is a nut-safe facility, please do not send substitutes containing nut products, such as almond milk.
  • Will my child make friends?
    Absolutely! Pearce Williams Summer Camp is a great place for kids to meet new friends. Pearce Williams is all about teamwork, fun activities, and shared adventures, which naturally helps campers get to know each other and build friendships. Our staff are experts at organizing games and activities that encourage everyone to work together and have fun. This means your child will have plenty of opportunities to connect with others and make friends that can last a lifetime. We create a welcoming and friendly environment, so every camper feels included and has the chance to make meaningful connections.
  • What is the Tier pricing system and why does PW use it?
    The Tier pricing system is a way for families to choose how much they pay for camp, based on what they can afford. Pearce Williams Summer Camp uses this system to make camp available to more kids, no matter how much money their families have. It works like this: there are different price levels, and families pick the one that fits their budget best. The camp experience is the same for everyone, no matter which price level is chosen. This system helps the camp welcome all kids and ensures everyone has a chance to enjoy camp, learn new things, and make friends. Read more
  • What if my camper misses home?
    We make every attempt to make your camper’s stay as enjoyable as possible. Our staff are trained specifically how to talk through and redirect their feelings/fears to help them see the value in staying until the end of the week. If we feel the situation warrants a call, we will not hesitate to contact you.
  • Why are no electronic devices allowed?
    Devices, such as cell phones, iPods, video games, etc., detract from the camp atmosphere and don’t allow for your camper to get the full camp and community experience. We also aren’t responsible for lost, damaged goods, so it’s best to not bring them.
  • Why can we not send snacks?
    We make sure that your camper is well-fed all week with delicious and well-balanced meal options and snacks. We are a peanut-safe facility. For the safety of all our campers, please do not send any food. Any sent food items will be collected from your camper and returned at the end of the week.
  • What happens to lost items?
    Lost and found “fashion shows” will be conducted on a regular basis during your camper's stay. Labeling your camper's gear and clothing helps us return any items found. Any unclaimed items will be kept for a short period of time then sent to local mission agencies at the end of the summer.
  • I haven’t been to Pearce Williams before, what does it look like?
    Our camp is a welcoming and safe place, located on more than 170 acres within the Carolinian Forest Zone of South-Western Ontario. If you’d like to come for a visit, we’re happy to have you out for a camp tour, simply email the office to arrange that at
  • Can I contact my child while they’re at camp?
    Absolutely! Here's how: Mail: Send your camper some love through the mail! Simply address it to: Pearce Williams c/o [Your Camper's Name] 8009 Iona Road Fingal ON, N0L 1K0 Email: You can send two emails to your camper(s) per session to, with camper details in the subject line. Phone: Campers can't make or receive calls. For emergencies, our Camp Director will contact you. Stay Updated: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see a few photos and videos during the week. More will be posted after the week has concluded.
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