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Frequently Asked Questions

(And some that we just want you to ask...)

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  • Are the staff well-trained and trustworthy?
    Yes, the staff at Pearce Williams Summer Camp are highly trained and trustworthy. Every team member goes through detailed training that covers safety, leadership, and fun activities to make sure your camp experience is both safe and exciting. We also do thorough background checks on all staff to ensure they are reliable and good role models for campers. Our team is dedicated to creating a friendly and secure environment, so you can feel confident that your child is in good hands while they enjoy all the fun and learning our camp offers.
  • Is it safe to send my child to a sleepaway camp?
    Yes, it is usually safe to send your child to a sleepaway camp. Most camps follow strict rules to make sure kids are safe and healthy. Look for camps approved by larger standards organizations, like the Ontario Camps Association, because they have to meet high standards for safety and fun activities. It's a good idea to pick a well-known camp that checks the backgrounds of all its workers and has a good plan for emergencies. You can also visit the camp or talk to the people running it to learn more about how they keep kids safe. Make sure your child feels okay about going to camp, too. Pearce Williams is accredited by both the Ontario Camps Association and the United Church of Canada.
  • What is the Tier pricing system and why does PW use it?
    The Tier pricing system is a way for families to choose how much they pay for camp, based on what they can afford. Pearce Williams Summer Camp uses this system to make camp available to more kids, no matter how much money their families have. It works like this: there are different price levels, and families pick the one that fits their budget best. The camp experience is the same for everyone, no matter which price level is chosen. This system helps the camp welcome all kids and ensures everyone has a chance to enjoy camp, learn new things, and make friends. Read more
  • Will my child make friends?
    Absolutely! Pearce Williams Summer Camp is a great place for kids to meet new friends. Pearce Williams is all about teamwork, fun activities, and shared adventures, which naturally helps campers get to know each other and build friendships. Our staff are experts at organizing games and activities that encourage everyone to work together and have fun. This means your child will have plenty of opportunities to connect with others and make friends that can last a lifetime. We create a welcoming and friendly environment, so every camper feels included and has the chance to make meaningful connections.
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  • Who owns Pearce Williams?
    Pearce Williams is a registered charity and in incorporated not-for-profit. Pearce Williams is owned by the Corporation of Pearce Williams. It is guided by a Board of Directors and managed by an Executive Director.
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