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At Pearce Williams Christian Centre Summer Camp & Retreat Facility, our aim is to provide the best summer camp experience for your child.  Pearce Williams strives to do this in a non-competitive, caring way, allowing your child to discover the world around them, while promoting success, self-confidence and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, while living and growing within our Christian community.

The emphasis is always on participation, effort and attitude!  We feel that camp is a unique place where every child can be a winner.  We provide campers with the opportunity to become part of a family, where they can take healthy risks, get rewarded for successes and develop self-esteem and life skills.  In the meantime they will learn about independence, interdependence, tolerance, responsibility, friendship and loyalty.

It is at summer camp that they learn to take risks, learn to resolve conflicts in a natural manner, learn to appreciate and protect our environment, learn to stay healthy, learn to be responsible for their personal belongings, and learn to have fun with unabashed enthusiasm.

Every Child Deserves a Week at Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All about the Called To Grow Capital Campaign. 

Can I direct my donation to a specific project?

The simple answer is yes.  If you have looked through our list of projects and see one that speaks to you - you can certainly direct your donation to that project.

If that project is further down our priorities list - we would ask that you also have other choices incase the project you choose does not reach full funding.

What happens if you do not raise all of the $4.5 million?

The Pearce Williams Board of Directors has made it a policy not to spend on capital projects until the money is in the bank - we will not be spending our way into debt.

There is a prioritized list of all the projects that are proposed for the new vision and the Called To Grow Capital Campaign.  As funds come in and Pearce Williams is able to fund a project then we will move forward with that project.

Pearce Williams wanted everyone to know the needs that are present to bring Pearce Williams up to standards and to meet the needs of the community into the future.  If at the end of the Capital Campaign there are projects that are left unfunded then we will re-evaluate our Vision and re-visit our goals.

Why would I give money to Pearce Williams when it is a Religious Organization?

We are affiliated with the United Church of Canada but we are an independent Corporation,  the Corporation of Pearce Williams Christian Centre owns the property.

We are a community based facility with over 8000 day users that are from various backgrounds – not just Christian and not just United Church.  Users include – elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, non-profit groups, family groups, other denominations and other religious groups, etc. 

Our summer camp programs are a Christian based summer camp and offer the ability for anyone to attend.

Pearce Williams has served as a community based year round retreat facility since the mid 1970’s

The work that happens at Pearce Williams reflects the acceptance of all people – we never turn a group away from using the facility based on discriminatory ideals (gender, religion, beliefs); as long a group follows the general rental policies – any group is welcome to use the facility.

Rental Groups help to fund our Summer Camp program – the income generated from the rental groups allows Pearce Williams to subsidize the camp fees that it charges to parents so that the summer camp program is affordable to all income levels.

Giving money to the Capital Campaign will keep a unique community resource available to all groups – regardless of religion.

How long is the campaign, and how can I make my commitment? Why a three year commitment?

The Called to Grow Capital Campaign is a three year campaign.  Over those three years the goal is to raise $4,500,000.  You can make your commitment by filling out the commitment card and returning it to the Pearce Williams Business Office.  The three year commitment allows you to spread your investment over 36 months so that you can budget for your investment.

If my financial situation changes, can I change my commitment?

Yes.  If your financial situation changes you can always increase your commitment.  We love it when good fortune smiles on our supporters.  If you need to decrease your commitment you can do that as well.

Will I receive charitable tax receipt for my commitment? 

Yes.  All investments in Pearce Williams will receive a charitable tax receipt once the money is received by Pearce Williams.

How will my contribution be recognized?

Yes.  If you want your contribution recognized.  There will be an investment wall on which commitments of $1500 or greater are recognized.  If you would rather not have your contribution recognized we will follow your wishes. 

Will all of the Called to Grow Capital Campaign monies be used for the new buildings or will a portion be used for the existing buildings?

The monies gathered will be used for both.  The new buildings and infrastructure will be the main focus.  All existing buildings will be brought up to necessary codes so that they will remain safe for our campers, clients and community.

My contribution is small.  Why should I give?

Every contribution counts and is essential to the success of the campaign.  Small amounts by many people add up.  Never think that your contribution will go unnoticed or will not help.  It all helps change the world.

How many campers have actually gone through Pearce Williams in the past 6  years?  

2616 campers over the past 6 years.  This is track able with our database software.  Over the past 50 years the number is estimated at over 25,000 campers who have attended Pearce Williams Christian Centre Summer Camps.

How many outside groups have used the camp in the past 6 years?

679 rental Groups from 222 different organizations.

How many people can camp accommodate  presently?

In beds that are in buildings Pearce Williams can accommodate around 200 people presently.

I had thought about this last summer - how many campers is full?  Here is what I wrote:

People ask me what is "full" at camp - how many campers is full.  This is a number that we do not have a solid answer to.  The reason is that we have over 220 beds on site here at Pearce Williams - so if we wanted and there was demand we could take 96 campers in West Camp, another 40 in East Camp, 28 in the Covered Wagons - so that gets us to 164.  Then at Wilderness - we can take 30 campers - right now we limit it to 20, but 30 is not out of the question. So that puts us up to 194.

194 is a lot of campers, if there was demand we could accommodate that number and our staff.  So full would be 194.

Our goal at Pearce Williams is to provide amazing summer camp experiences to the campers.  We want to make sure every camper who comes has to opportunity to learn, grow and discover in a safe and fun environment.  We want each child to leave with the simple truth that God loves them.

What capital improvements have been made in the past 7 years and where did the funding come from?

Over the past 7 years we have done numerous capital improvements.  There have been three main sources of funding for these improvements.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation has given over $100,000 in the past 7 years - improvements funded include new roof on the Longhouse, new dishwasher in Pearce Hall, carpet in the farmhouse/dorms, new doors on Pearce Hall and funds to complete our site audit that helped created the plan for the Called To Grow Capital Campaign.

The Enabling Accessibility Fund has given over $90,000 in the past three years - improvements funded include new accessible bathrooms and shower in the Longhouse, renovated bathrooms for accessibility in the Dining Hall and partial funding for the new porch on the Farmhouse to make it more accessible for all of our clients.

The United Church of Canada Camping Grants has given$16,000 over the past 7 years.  Pearce Williams can apply for $4000 each year as long as we can match those funds for a project.  This money has helped with all of the above projects as well.