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At Pearce Williams Summer Camp & Retreat Facility, our aim is to provide the best summer camp experience for your child. Pearce Williams strives to do this in a non-competitive, caring way, allowing your child to discover the world around them, while promoting success, self-confidence and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, while living and growing within our Christian community.

The emphasis is always on participation, effort and attitude! We feel that camp is a unique place where every child can be a winner. We provide campers with the opportunity to become part of a family, where they can take healthy risks, get rewarded for successes and develop self-esteem and life skills. In the meantime they will learn about independence, interdependence, tolerance, responsibility, friendship and loyalty.

It is at summer camp that they learn to take risks, learn to resolve conflicts in a natural manner, learn to appreciate and protect our environment, learn to stay healthy, learn to be responsible for their personal belongings, and learn to have fun with unabashed enthusiasm.

Every Child Deserves a Week at Camp

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Who Works with the Campers?

Our Summer Camp staff live by the philosophy: "To do what needs to be done to show our campers the most amazing summer camp experience".  Our staff are trained to work and provide programs for campers of all ages.  Each staff member brings their own unique personality that helps create the Pearce Williams Summer Camp environment.

How Safe is Camp?

The well being of our campers and staff is of the utmost importance to Pearce Williams Christian Centre.  We are accredited by both the United Church of Canada and the Ontario Camps Association.  Our accreditations ensure that we meet the highest standards for safety, leadership, programs and administration while following the accepted best practices in camping.  We strive to be a peanut-safe facility. Our facility is also wheelchair accessible.

What will my Camper do at Camp?

At Pearce Williams Summer Camp your camper will do it all.  Campers go swimming, play a variety of sports, learn about the environment, and create mini-masterpieces in the maker-space.  Each camper will also get to "Choose Your Own Adventure" (CYOA) each week - our staff lead daily sessions sharing their passions (cooking, writing, building, sports, etc.) and campers select one CYOA to attend daily for the week.  Campers choose their own adventure session on arrival day.

Campers will also get to attend Farm Camp and World Camp sessions - learning about food production, self-sustainability, poverty and cultural awareness.  The Farm Camp and World Camp programs are a one of a kind experience that you can only have at Pearce Williams Summer Camp.

Other activities at camp include: swimming, nature/ecology, sports, low ropes, initiatives, arts & crafts, archery, chapel, drama, singsongs, hiking, sleep-outs, cook-outs, rocket building, Ga Ga ball, 9 Square in the air, Battle Stilts and much more.

Can we see Camp before the Summer?

Discover Camp Day- Sunday May 26 2019 1-4pm

We want you to come to camp before the summer and meet our staff and get to know us.  Please come out on the afternoon of Sunday, May 27 and meet our staff, tour camp and partake in numerous camp activities.  Our Open House is a time for all camper families - new and old - to come and see camp in action.  If you can't make it to our Open House, please call our office to arrange a tour of camp.

What if my child misses home?

We make every attempt to make your child's stay as enjoyable as possible.  Children who miss home are "talked through" their feelings/fears and often don't want to go home at weeks end.  If we feel the situation warrants a call, we will not hesitate to contact you.

What if my child has dietary needs?  Will these needs be met?

We do our best to meet the needs of all campers who come to Peace Williams.  However, we cannot guarantee that your child's dietary needs will be met with the food that is provided through camp.  We ask that you provide the food needed to meet the dietary need(s) and we will ensure that it is prepared according to the needs.  For a copy of the menu to be able to match meals, please contact the camp office at:

Why are campers not allowed to use the phone?

Campers are at camp to have fun and experience time away from home.  If you have concerns about your child, a camp staff can return your call to answer any questions you may have.

What is the staff to camper ratio?

There is one staff for every three children.

Do staff sleep in the cabins with camper?

Camp staff sleep in their own room within the camper cabin.  These staff rooms are located right by each entrance so that staff can monitor the campers.  

Why can we not send snacks?

Delicious snacks are provided daily.  We are attempting to be a peanut safe facility.  For the safety of all our campers and staff, please do not send any food.  Any sent snack items will be collected from your camper and returned at the end of the week.

Why are no electronic devices allowed?

We encourage everyone (our staff included) to unplug from their devices and immerse themselves in the camp community and in creation around them. Having your kids spend time with their fellow campers rather than texting friends back home or being on their devices will ensure a more valuable camp experience.

What happens to lost items?

Lost and Found Fashion Shows will be conducted on a regular basis during your child's stay.  Labeling your child's gear and clothing helps us return any items found.  Any unclaimed items will be kept for a short period of time then sent to local mission agencies at the end of the summer.

When are Final Payments due?

We ask that final payments be sent to the camp office by June 15 each year.

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