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At Pearce Williams Summer Camp & Retreat Facility, our aim is to provide the best summer camp experience for your child. Pearce Williams strives to do this in a non-competitive, caring way, allowing your child to discover the world around them, while promoting success, self-confidence and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, while living and growing within our Christian community.

The emphasis is always on participation, effort and attitude! We feel that camp is a unique place where every child can be a winner. We provide campers with the opportunity to become part of a family, where they can take healthy risks, get rewarded for successes and develop self-esteem and life skills. In the meantime they will learn about independence, interdependence, tolerance, responsibility, friendship and loyalty.

It is at summer camp that they learn to take risks, learn to resolve conflicts in a natural manner, learn to appreciate and protect our environment, learn to stay healthy, learn to be responsible for their personal belongings, and learn to have fun with unabashed enthusiasm.

Every Child Deserves a Week at Camp



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Fall Update
- Fire Safety at Pearce Williams - 

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I was absolutely thrilled with the experience my daughter had at camp. She came home singing songs and talking about her princess training and the guide dogs.....and the archery! She loved her counselors! I could not have asked for a better opportunity for her. Thank you so meant a lot to us!
— Marcia, 2018 Camper Parent

October 1, 2018 Fire Code Improvements Update:

The summer is over and we have started to do many of the improvements needed for the Fire Order.

Doors have arrived - many have been installed. The new kitchen hood is well on it’s way to being done.

15 different companies have been contacted to install electrical for fire alarms and pull stations - this has been our hardest task - getting someone to commit to the fire alarm installs.

We are moving along - the latest update - you have helped raise over $164,230! This is amazing. We should have enough to do our basic fire safety but can use an additional funds to get our Creativity Barn useable by campers for next summer.


Initial Urgent Appeal - June 2018

Pearce Williams takes great pride in its long standing history of offering the most amazing summer camp experience to campers. An important part of that is our commitment to the safety and well-being of every child it welcomes.

Following a recent fire safety inspection, the camp received a set of 11 Fire Inspection Orders that must be acted upon in short order. We want to assure you that these orders do not identify any immediate threats to fire safety; however, they do require immediate attention to ensure that Pearce Williams is in compliance and can continue to offer a safe and secure place for campers of all ages into the future.

There are a number of interim measures that are being implemented as we address these orders. However, there is much work to be done that varies in both complexity and cost – from cleaning the wood-burning chimneys and ensuring a certified inspection to installing fire doors and modernizing fire escapes.

We are writing to you today because we know you believe in Pearce Williams and understand the important role it plays in the lives of all who experience it. Initial cost estimates to comply with the orders range from $155,000 to $200,000. These are well beyond the capacity of the current operating budget. 

Since this appeal first went out we have raised over $164,230 and have met our minimum estimate!  Way to go!

let's keep it going and get the barn back in use!

Share our need on Social Media, at your church, around your dinner table - we need your help to make this possible.

Donate to our Fire Safety appeal with this form:

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To Welcome all who come. To Teach all who wish to learn. To Serve God in all we do.