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In Memory of 
Tyler "Cheerio" Smith

Tyler "Cherrio" Smith 2000-2023

Tyler "Cheerio" Smith
2000 - 2023

Cheerio passed away on April 20, 2023. 

Tyler Smith passed away, suddenly, in April 2023.


Tyler was a beloved member of the Pearce Williams Camp Family. He spent many summers at Pearce Williams Wilderness Program.  He was a friend to all and mentor to many children.



Tyler loved camp.  Do you love camp? 


Tyler's friends and co-workers want to build a new Wilderness Hut in his name.  The current garden shed that is used for the Pearce Williams Wilderness Program needs to be retired and replaced.


Will you help Tyler be remembered with a donation today?

Your donation will help the new Wilderness Hut have:

  • a proper first aid medic station with pass through window for handing out medication and other basic first aid needs

  • a covered outdoor cleaning, sanitizing, and storage station for camp dishes

  • a solar charging station for lighting and charging emergency phone and walkie talkies

  • full-wall shelfs for improved storage and organization

  • a locking cabinet for medications and other supplies

  • and storage space for other wilderness supplies

Your donation will help make the Wilderness Hut a colourful and vibrantly painted collage of Tyler's impact and memories.


Can you help us help campers have a better camp experience in memory of Cheerio?

Tyler is going to be missed by his friends, his campers, and his family.  You can help his memory live on.

Children need to have a space to run, play & discover.
Children need to get outside. 

Children need Summer Camp.

The pandemic forced many children to be inside and on screens. The solution to helping our children get outside and engaged with nature and their community is summer camp.

Camp gives children & parents a safe space to grow. Camp gives children a place to make new friends, to sleep outside, to be in nature.

Pearce Williams is a partner with families in raising more caring, community minded, and resilient children and youth.



Can you give a gift today to help Pearce Williams grow local leaders? Camp needs you; the campers need you, your community needs you to help today.

Since 1960, Pearce Williams has been a place for children and youth to meet, grow, learn, and go out and make the world a better place. Donate to help Pearce Williams grow local leaders for generations to come.

You are the solution to helping children. You have Pearce Williams in your heart. Your donations will help Pearce Williams Summer Camp be ready to serve the children and youth of Elgin County and Southwestern Ontario this summer and for many summers to come.

Your donation will enable Pearce Williams organize an amazing summer for children in 2024 and get camp back on solid ground so that more children can become local leaders.

Every donation helps.  Can you give a special gift today?

You are needed.

Every little bit helps. Every donation goes directly to helping kids get the camp experience. Your help means the world to the campers, the youth and to me.

For the Campers,

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Joe Richards, Executive Director & Guitar Player

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