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At Pearce Williams Summer Camp & Retreat Facility, our aim is to provide the best summer camp experience for your child. Pearce Williams strives to do this in a non-competitive, caring way, allowing your child to discover the world around them, while promoting success, self-confidence and self-esteem in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, while living and growing within our Christian community.

The emphasis is always on participation, effort and attitude! We feel that camp is a unique place where every child can be a winner. We provide campers with the opportunity to become part of a family, where they can take healthy risks, get rewarded for successes and develop self-esteem and life skills. In the meantime they will learn about independence, interdependence, tolerance, responsibility, friendship and loyalty.

It is at summer camp that they learn to take risks, learn to resolve conflicts in a natural manner, learn to appreciate and protect our environment, learn to stay healthy, learn to be responsible for their personal belongings, and learn to have fun with unabashed enthusiasm.

Every Child Deserves a Week at Camp


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Meet the 2018 Staff! - Part 6

Matt Honsberger

Oh hey! Check it out! More AMAZING staff!

Today, we'd like you to say hello to...

Clue, Felix, Luke, Thomas and Target!



I chose to work at Pearce Williams Christian Centre this summer, because it’s a truly amazing place and I want to help campers experience the camp magic that I found here. Being at camp helped me make close friends and create great memories that have lasted to this day. As a camper at Pearce Williams, my councillors were a main reason why I loved camp so dearly, and I hope I can have the same impact on campers this summer, and many more to come.

My hope for the campers this summer is, that they will make new friends and amazing memories that will carry them over to another summer with us, at Pearce Williams.



I decided to work at PWCC because I’ve always enjoyed camp environment and thought it would be a fantastic way to spend my summer

My hope for the campers of 2018 is for them to have the time of their life and go home with new friends and memories to last a lifetime. I hope that 2018 will be the best year ever!



I really enjoyed working with the younger Cadets as a Cadet and I'd like to hopefully help the campers have an amazing time at camp. The reason I chose this over something else I'd because I believe that this will be both an educational and exciting experience this summer.

 I hope to make sure the campers have a very exciting experience at camp and enjoy their time especially with wilderness camp. I also want to help make sure that they're very happy by the time that they leave and that they want to come back next year.



I decided to work at PWCC rather than anywhere else because I like to work with kids and make lots of friends and be outdoors

My hope for the campers of 2018 are that I want everyone to have a great time and learn something new



I decided to work at camp this summer because I love to help kids have a good time and help them enjoy the camp experience.

My hope for the campers of 2018 is that when they come to camp that they’ll want to keep coming back because they love the camp experience.

Meet the 2018 Staff! - Part 5

Matt Honsberger

Our campers are in great hands. Find out why!

Today, we'd like you to say hello to...

Cinema, Bucky, Archy, and Sonic!



Last summer was my first year ever working for Pearce Williams and it was it was also my first job. It was all new to me. Pearce definitely changed my life and gave me a new output on how to help everyone. Working here gave me a new experience because as a kid I never went to camp and I didn't understand why it was such a big deal. Now I do. Camp is a way to learn new things and to bring hope to yourself and others. That's why I don't work anywhere else because nowere else could be as important or life-changing as camp.

My hopes for this summer are to change some kids lives and to learn new ways that I can be a leader. I also would like to give people the experience that I never got.



I decided to come back and work at Pearce Williams again this summer because I really enjoy the camp program and sharing it with younger campers.

My hope for campers this summer is that they have a very enjoyable and memorable camp experience full of adventure and fun.



I decided to work at camp this summer because I feel I have much more to grow and I had a great experience last. I also really want to make a campers summer dream come true and give them all a great time.

My hope for this summer is to come out on the other side having grown as a person and most importantly given every camper of 2018 a great camp experience.



I have decided to work at Pearce Williams this summer because I want to give campers the same fun and awesome experience that I had when I was a camper.

I really want campers to feel like they belong at camp this summer make them be proud to be a camper at Pearce Williams and most importantly I want them to have the best experience at summer camp ever.

Meet the 2018 Staff! - Part 4

Matt Honsberger

We are so lucky to have these awesome folks ready to serve the campers of 2018. Get to know them!

Today, we'd like you to say hello to...

Patches, Benny, Perri, Thump and Venus!



I decided to work at Pearce Williams this summer because I really can't see myself working anywhere else. I've never been part of such an accepting, positive, and loving community as PWCC. It may be said a lot, but I feel like I'm my best self when I'm at camp. It's a place where you can grow as a person and a leader, and always feel safe and welcome.

My hope for the campers of 2018 is for them to discover something they love. Whether it be new friends, a game, a song, a story- anything that they can bring home to keep the magic of camp with them after the summer ends.



Campers are the best friends you don’t get to talk to all year round and then when summer comes you are COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS until you get to see them. There are more kids than I can possibly name who I spent time with as a staff member last summer but often I will remember something we did at camp or something a camper and I laughed about and I’ll just think to myself that there’s no way I can miss out on those moments this summer. Pearce Williams forced me to realize that I was meant to work with youth, because I CAN’T IMAGINE something that would bring me more happiness than spending time with people who so genuinely want to be doing what they are doing.

To the campers of this summer: I hope that you like hanging out with me just as much as I like hanging out with you, because if that’s how you feel about camp, you are so lucky. I hope you always feel so included in camp and amazing camp culture, because one of the things that makes Pearce such a place is all the things that are unique about it - this sounds cheesy, but honestly! I struggle to express how great camp is because I feel like I can never explain how amazing it is, but trust me, if your experience is anything like mine, you will not want to leave!



PWCC has always been a second home to me. I do not think that I would be the same person I am today without it. Being on staff gives me an opportunity to spend more time at my favourite place and share my love for camp.

My hope for campers coming this summer is that they will learn something new about themselves that they did not know before coming to camp. I hope that they will also find a home at camp where they can truly be themselves.



Growing up at camp has taught me how to be myself. Pearce Williams is a place for me to go where I feel welcomed and loved. It truly is my second home. I have chosen to work here because camp is where I can disconnect from the outside world with some of the most amazing people possible. I came to camp alone as a little 8 year old and left with a life time friend who is now a counsellor alongside me. My favourite memories are at camp, signing songs and playing games are my favourite things to do but what I love most of all is meeting new campers and sharing my passion of camp with them. Teaching them the songs I love and sharing stories makes me the happiest person in the world!

My hope for this summer is to make every camper feel loved. I want to give campers the experience of a life time! I hope every camper leaves with a sense of belonging. I want them to know they have a purpose in life. There are so many great things at camp, so many places to explore, I can't wait to show my campers why I love camp.



This year I left to continue my education journey at university. Many aspects of my life have changed drastically but I knew that I would be right back home for the summer of 2018. When i use the word home however I don't refer to the house in which my parents live but in fact Camp. Camp is the place where I can let my inner weirdness out to play. It lets me make a difference in somebodies life as well as let others affect me in a positive way. Pearce Williams has helped me become a better person and I hope that I as a Pearce Williams staff member can help a camper become a better person as well.

This year I get the pleasure of working with the older campers. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this opportunity. To help grow the future staff of Pearce Williams helps me ensure campers happiness in years to come. I hope to pass on knowledge to these campers so they can one day pass on that knowledge to someone else. Overall I hope each camper as the best summer camp experience possible in 2018.

Meet the 2018 Staff! - Part 3

Matt Honsberger

Even more staff ready for even more fun!

Today, we'd like you to say hello to...

Lou-Who, Blast, Heather, Splits and North!



I chose to work at Pearce Williams this summer because PWCC gives its campers the tools to become their best selves and I know I couldn't miss out on being apart of that process. Camp has helped me become who I am today: a passionate, constantly curious, focused individual who is determined to help pour energy back towards our campers. I can't wait to spend this camping season with Pearce Williams again!

My hope for the campers of the summer of 2018 is to experience Pearce Williams programming like they never have before. With countless staff making every day of their week special and memorable, I hope they walk away at the end of the week with a big smile on their face, grass stains on their knees, and with the summer of 2018 in their hearts.



I decided to work at PWCC this summer because there is honestly nowhere else I would rather be! PWCC is the place where I get to be myself, meet new friends and create memories that I will never forget. Camp has a very special place in my heart and I know it is where I belong.

My hope for the campers of 2018 is for them to be able to see how truly amazing camp is. I want the campers to have such an incredible experience at camp that they won’t want to leave at the end of the week. I want them to experience new things, make lots of friends, and fall in love with camp the way I did as a camper!


Heather (Camp Name TBD!)

I decided to work at camp this summer because I want to build relationships with new people, and continue to build existing ones. I want to go to school to be an ECE, and I think camp is a very good place to gain experience. I also heard so many amazing stories from my sister (Polo) and I want to make my own amazing camp memories.

I hope that the campers will have an amazing experience at camp. I hope they feel comfortable being themselves and have a great time making amazing memories. I also hope that they will grow in their relationship with God and others.



I’m excited to come back to a place where I spent many years as a camper to provide current campers with many great memories, like the ones I have!  I decided to work at PWCC because of the capabilities it has.  Camp has the unique ability to bring in kids from so many different backgrounds for a week where we can all be in fellowship with one another, and in a space where we can talk about God and learn more about who He is.

My hope for campers is that they can look back on their time at Pearce Williams fondly.  Pearce Williams is a place where memories are made daily, and I want to be able to see as many different smiles as I possibly can in a day!  I hope campers feel free to ask questions, try new things, and go outside the realm of possibilities to make their own discoveries in life.



When I was little camp was the one part of my life I could never imagine giving up, the one place that meant more to me than anywhere else. The magic of camp left me with special memories, friends that feel like family and clothes that will forever smell like a campfire. All year I would wait for the day where I could see my beautiful happy place grow closer and closer in the front window of my car. As I grew older and out of my camper years, I felt a hole in my heart that I filled by becoming a counsellor. Being a counsellor at PWCC has allowed me to work an entire summer but to never once feel like I’m working. Camp makes me laugh, share my passions and be my fullest, most genuine self.

I hope that the campers of 2018 wake up on their last morning with that bittersweet feeling of never wanting to leave. I want them to feel the peacefulness of going to sleep with sore feet and heavy eyes after a day of fun and laughter. I want them to lay outside on camp-out night, huddled together, trying not to wake up nearby cabins with their laughter. I want them to feel the happiest and safest that they have ever felt and forget about the real world for as long as they can. I want them to feel loved and to come home with endless stories and memories that will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Meet the 2018 Staff! - Part 2

Matt Honsberger

Oh hey! It's some more 2018 staff!

Today, we'd like you to say hello to

Ica, Chica, Azula, Compass and Anya!



I missed being at PWCC last summer but had some great adventures while I was away.  This summer I thought about finding a summer job that isn't as exhausting.  I thought about just taking the summer off and doing nothing.  But I decided to come back.  Why you ask? Camp is where I feel most myself.  So, selfishly, that's one reason I'm glad to be back.  But it's more than that.  This summer I want to be a part of creating lifelong memories for campers and staff.  I want to teach someone something new.  I want to help people see the good in themselves that they might be struggling to see.  I want to wake up after a week of little sleep and feel the camper's excitement and energy give me the boost I need to get my energy level back up.  I want to leave a legacy of positive vibes and kindness.

My hope for the campers of 2018 is that each and every one of them will find a place to belong at Pearce Williams.  I hope that they will feel the excitement and energy of camp, but also be able to reflect in those quiet moments that arise.  I hope that they will leave with a renewed sense of who they are and what makes them special.  But most importantly, I hope that each camper will have the opportunity to leave the week with a memory of a moment that will carry them through until next summer when they come back home for another week of camp.



To be honest, it’s been difficult adjusting to having two jobs, and going through applications for camp and such. But that makes it all the more worth it! During the summer, I know that the hard work I put in will have a great outcome, and as a previous camper, I can truly say that every moment matters, and every interaction with a camper matters. Camp makes me better, and I can’t wait to show others how amazing it really is.

My hope for campers this summer is to find joy in the little things. There are so many big things to love about camp, but I know that there are also little things, and I’m so excited to show campers my favourite things: the smell of the cabin in the morning, the morning dew, and the sun when it’s just about to go down.



I chose to work at camp this summer because camp is my summer home. There are so many great people at camp that I can just be myself around. When I was a camper I always looked up to my counsellor and told myself that I wanted to be like them one day. Now I have that chance to give campers a great week at camp just like my counsellors did for me.

This summer I hope to give campers the best week away from home possible. I want them to have the unforgettable camp experience that I had!



Why did I decide to work at PWCC this summer? Well Pearce Williams has been my home since I was 5. I still remember one of my first counsellor named Toes, she made me feel important. I decided to work here because I want to be a counsellor who changes kids lives and makes them feel important and accepted. A counsellor who knows how to comfort campers but also knows when to step back and let them learn. I decided to work at PWCC because I want to be the best counsellor I can be.

My hopes for campers of 2018. I hope they find a new talent like gaga ball or a best friend that will last a life time. My biggest hope for the campers of 2018 is that they leave camp feeling appreciated for who they are.


Anya (Camp name TBD!)

Camp has always been the place where I have felt most at home. Whether I was 7 or 17, being able to spend a week or a whole summer out in nature, truly connecting with God, myself, and others around me has allowed me to take that time to step back from my busy city life to just live in the moment. Although I have never been to PWCC before, I am confident that it is a place where I can continue in my journey to grow and learn through camp, and help the campers to do the same.

I hope that the family we make at camp gives the campers a home to look forward to coming to year after year, and that the friends and memories they make carry through the years, as my camp experiences have. At the end of their time, I want campers to be able to take those good times with them as a puzzle piece through their journey of life, and to be able to leave behind whatever they have going on outside of camp to truly just live for the moment. In the end, I want campers to be able to have the great same experiences I have had, and I'm looking forward to helping to make that happen.

Meet the 2018 Staff! - Part 1

Matt Honsberger

It's time to get to know your 2018 staff!

Today, we'd like you to say hello to

Hiccup, Zukes, Sympa, Ripple and Cheerio!



I’m so so so excited to be working at camp this summer, I can’t wait to be back giving campers the best week EVER!! I love camp and I can’t imagine not being there this summer doing crazy camp things. Honestly, I don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t at camp (probably staring at my phone).

I hope I see some familiar faces and lot of new ones too!! I hope they get everything they expect and more from their week at camp, while learning new skills, and having a blast!



I have been part of the camp family since I was seven years old, and since my first day as a camper, I have known the magic of camp and the incredible community here. Camp allows me to be my best self, to grow as a leader and be the most authentic version of me. It challenges me to grow as a leader in an incredibly supportive environment. Everything I love about myself, I learned from camp. Camp makes me strong. Camp makes me confident. Camp allows me to share my passions and help others find theirs. I have experienced insane amounts of joy because of Pearce Williams, and I can’t wait to introduce others to this incredible place.

I hope that the campers of 2018 will experience the BEST summer of their lives. I hope they build new friendships that will last a lifetime. I hope they discover a part of themselves they never knew they could be. I hope the campers of summer 2018 have a staff that is committed to doing what needs to be done to show them the most incredible camp experience they have ever had. I hope campers discover the joy of singing silly songs at campfire, and the peace of watching the stars from an open field. I hope that their lives would be changed in way that only camp can. That the campers of 2018 fall in love with this place we call Pearce Williams, and that they would become the campers of 2019.



I joined Pearce Williams because I love working with children and making special memories happen. Pearce Williams has given me an opportunity to learn, laugh and love with everyone around and experience the unique wonders that we offer.

In 2018 I’m excited to create moments with the campers and make they’re time at Pearce Williams one in a million. I have many ideas on how to bring these moments to live and I can’t wait to share these with everyone!



I decided to work at camp this summer because I have a huge passion for working with kids! I've been babysitting since I was twelve years old and I also take care of kids for my seasonal job in the fall. I plan on keeping kids in my life forever. Another reason I have chosen to work at camp this summer is that last summer I had the privilege to be a CIT and I can easily say that it was the best summer of my life! I am extremely excited to spend another summer at camp this year! I know it will be amazing!!

My hope for the campers this summer is that each and every one of them has the best summer of their lives. My goal is to provide many special moments in the week I spend with all the amazing children who will be at camp this summer. My hope for these campers is that everyone can be happy and feel safe and be themselves. I'm looking forward to meeting and spending time with all the kids that will be at camp this summer!:



I decided to work at Pearce Williams because it's a second home to me, and there's no place in the world that I would rather be.

My hope for the campers of 2018 is that they experience moments that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

I still have moments that I remember from going to camp as a kid, and they were a major part of me coming to Pearce Williams for the first time in the summer of 2015.

A Few More Staff Spots! - Make a Difference This Summer

Matt Honsberger

Another summer on the couch? NO. WAY.

We have a few more opportunities to be a hero at PWCC this summer.

Staff Hiring Photos (2).png

We have a few more positions open on our staff team! If you are someone, or know someone AWESOME to fill these roles, send them to our Staff Page or email Iscus at

We're currently looking for:

Male Counsellors - You are a guy, and LOVE building community with a small group of kids!

World Camp Programmers - You care about the world and teaching kids about social justice for those in poverty!

Farm Camp Programmers - You believe in sustainability and that ANYONE can grow their own food!

Camp Medic - You've got experience taking care of kids, managing medications and making camp even safer!

Integration Coordinator - You truly believe that camp is for everyone. You've got experience working with youth and adults with specific physical and mental needs.